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The Sun Leisure Pool Family

Meet The Sun Leisure Pool Family

Turn to the experts at Sun Leisure Pools & Spas for all your backyard oasis needs. From installation to repairs and maintenance. The Sun Leisure family has got you covered!

Terry LaDue

The Man who started it all

Grew up in a small town in upstate New York with a family of hard skilled workers. Terry is the youngest of 4 boys that grew up on a farm learning many skills from his hard-working father and older brothers. Terry learned many stills as a kid into his young adult life. He worked as a union carpenter with side work in the pool industry all over the east coast in 1978. He moved to Reno, NV to pursue new beginnings and work. He continued working as a carpenter till 1984 After some time in Reno, NV, he met Patty, now the woman that keeps it all going. He always loved the pool business and wanted to produce that passion more in 1984. Terry decided he wanted to start his own pool company, starting out of his garage he began installing and selling aboveground pools. He was successful and customers loved the work he had done for them. In 1987 They decided they wanted to open a retail store. That became a hit in the Reno market and his dreams just kept growing year after year. Terry still works and manages the install of the pools.

Patty LaDue

The Woman who keeps it all going

Patty grew up in CA and moved to Reno with her mother and 5 older sisters in 1971. Patty has always been very wise, strong and driven. She started out in a career in the banking industry. But soon after, she found herself in the pool and spa business. When Sun Leisure Inc grew year after year, she knew it was time to go 100% into her pool business. Over the years, Patty grew the retail and hot tub store into what it is today. Customer service was her top priority and loved serving her customers and customer relationships in her business. Over the years she was awarded dealer of the year in many categories and news articles for the pools and hot tub industry. To this day, she is still receiving many awards for her excellence and customer service. Today she works in the office still producing top notch customer service to all her long time loyal and new customers. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry and always there for a great conversation with her customers.

Patrick LaDue

Brad LaDue

Brad is the older son of Terry and Patty, and a natural born hard worker. Brad is also born and raised in Northern Nevada. He has been working along side his pops since long before the legal working age. From helping him on job sites, building pools in their own backyard, and working around the pool store with his mom Patty when he was just a kid. Brad has truly grown up learning, and growing in this industry. In 2009, Brad branched off and acquired his pilot license, following his passion for airplanes and flying. After receiving his credentials, he decided the profession of a commercial or private pilot and working away from home was not the life he wanted for his future family. Now Brad keeps those credentials as a cherished hobby. Brad dug right back into work with the family business. Following in Terry’s footsteps, learning all aspects of the pool building process, mastering and operating heavy equipment, taking on the outside crew, and working daily on site from the first point of breaking ground to sealing the job with an auto-cover. With a growing family of his own now, he is a proud 2nd generation pool builder, bringing new ideas, hard work, dedication and smile to the job site. He’s thankful for the foundation his family has set for him and eager to one day take the reigns with his brother Pat.